Teal And Orange - Cine A-Z (RMN) Luts & Presets


Compatible With (Mac/Win) -
•Adobe Photoshop |
•Adobe After Effects |
•Adobe Lightroom |
•Camera Raw Presets |
•Adobe Premiere Pro CC |
•Premiere Pro CC | Davinci Resolve
•Sony Vegas Lut Loader
•FCPX Lut Loader
•Adobe Speedgrade

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In The Pack
*3D Luts & PRESETS
1.T&O RMN A1
2.T&O RMN A2
3.T&O RMN B1
4.T&O RMN B2
5.T&O RMN C1
6.T&O RMN C2
7.T&O RMN D1
8.T&O RMN D2
9.T&O RMN E1
10.T&O RMN E2
11.T&O RMN F1
12.T&O RMN F2
13.T&O RMN G1
14.T&O RMN G2
15.T&O RMN H1
16.T&O RMN H2
17.T&O RMN I1
18.T&O RMN I2
19.T&O RMN J1
20.T&O RMN J2
21.T&O RMN K1
22.T&O RMN K2
23.T&O RMN L1
24.T&O RMN L2
25.T&O RMN M1
26.T&O RMN M2
27.T&O RMN N1
28.T&O RMN N2
29.T&O RMN O1
30.T&O RMN O2
31.T&O RMN P1
32.T&O RMN P2
33.T&O RMN Q1
34.T&O RMN Q2
35.T&O RMN R1
36.T&O RMN R2
37.T&O RMN S1
38.T&O RMN S2
39.T&O RMN T1
40.T&O RMN T2
41.T&O RMN U1
42.T&O RMN U2
43.T&O RMN V1
44.T&O RMN V2
45.T&O RMN W1
46.T&O RMN W2
47.T&O RMN X1
48.T&O RMN X2
49.T&O RMN Y1
50.T&O RMN Y2
51.T&O RMN Z1
52.T&O RMN Z2

3.How To Install

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